Playable and non-playable characters gathering in front of the restaurant in Thélème

About Thélème

Thélème started as a simple weekly meeting with five other people from totally different backgrounds, from social science expertise to french teaching. The concept is simple: design a game not about teaching, but immersing the player in the French culture. After a year shaping the idea, new members joined the team. With their knowledge about programing and landscape drawing, the beginning of the game development was finally possible.

The game is based on Flash technology with the use of SmartFoxServer platform for the communication between clients and server. An alpha version is available on the official website.

Art by Sylvain Bourrieres, Joël Bresch and Antoine Schmoll
Writing by Laurence Schmoll
Coding by Geoffroy Buchler, Julien Doudoux and François-Xavier Vaccarro

Official website of Thélème
Two players harvesting wheat
Starting a dialog with the scientist
Two players on the northern spot of the island
Checking the inventory before going back in town
Two players fighting with their respective weapons of choice
A little rest at the inn