The Eonauts

The two main protagonists infiltrating a medieval enemy camp in the Eonauts

About The Eonauts

The learners of foreign languages have another reason to walk into class with the Eonauts. Based on the common european framework of reference, this gaming and learning software put its users in lesson plans presented as missions in game. These stories are directly selected by the teacher in the dedicated piece of software.

The first episode is designed for the learning of French as a foreign language. Other languages and domains of studies are already planned, like Spanish as a foreign language and history.

With the Eonauts, whatever the domain of studies, the teacher become the game master.

Art by Sylvain Bourrieres, Joël Bresch and Antoine Schmoll
Writing by Géraldine Koch, Valérie Metz and Laurence Schmoll
Development by Emilie Braun, Julien Doudoux and Olivier Stell

Official website of The Eonauts
The eonoscaph : the heart of the university of the future and the travels in time
In 2992, the nature has finally found its place in human construction
Ready for the next mission in the past
Lack of time never an excuse for attending a banquet in the medieval era
The druid is teaching his students with hypnotizing gestures
Les Éonautes 06