Battle for Independence

A fiery battle for the control of the central point in Battle for Independence

About Battle for Independence

After my studies in England I was searching for a game project I could join in order to gain experience. It was not long before I stumbled upon the remarkable work done by a friend and the project he was developing at this time, Battle for Independence.

Unfamiliar with the real time strategy genre since the late nineties, I proposed my help in order to design the shortcut icons of the heroes powers and of course the testing sessions. The style of these little pictures turned to be much more cartoony than I expected, but eventually perfectly suits the game atmosphere.

Development by Jeremy Chatelaine
Voices by John Lang

Official website of Battle for Independence
Defending the first guard tower with the Commander and his drones
Going back to battle with the Assassin
A difficult time for the Insane barely reaching the first enemy tower
The Psionic using his first power