Alchemy Tower

The worktable of an alchemy apprentice in Alchemy Tower

About Alchemy Tower

The idea behind this game originated from the first application on Facebook. Although limited in their gaming approach, these applications foreshadowed the possibilites of social networks in terms of gameplay. The concept of Alchemy Tower has been based on the analysis of these games.

The game balancing has been a hard point during the conception of the game. The progression system in this game is closely linked to the discovery of recipes. This constraint has finally been integrated into gameplay by separating the player's perception of his own level into different categories.

Art by Sylvain Bourrieres, Joël Bresch and Antoine Schmoll
Development by Julien Doudoux

Official website of Alchemy Tower
The tower of alchemy always displays the player's lab on its last floor
Meeting the water ingredient merchant
An experiment with quite mixed results
The weirdo of the earth element thinks he is some king of plants
The owl did not like the last toxic cloud
The fire wastelands are still filled with ingredients